How to Optimize Your Landing Pages

Landing page optimization is grounded in common sense. Basically, the page’s function is to sell, engage or drive leads etc. Its sole job is to create and re-create the conditions where people are guided to complete the valuable action at the core of the page.
There are just 4 things to consider before you begin.

Before we start talking about Calls to Action (CTAs) or creative or content we need to map the flow and function to these 4 steps of consumer psychology. We need to stress-test our page against how and what people think when they visit a page. Remember, no amount of CTAs, videos or fancy creative will drive website visitors to take action if it’s not relevant to them or their expectations. Steps 1 & 2 happen at the same time in the minds of consumers but they must be addressed separately and early on to succeed.

This is What Consumers Think When They Visit Your Page

1.&2.What & Who: What is this page about and is it relevant to me?

3.How: Okay I see what they do and it is relevant to me, how do they do it?

4.Proof: Show me examples and bring your proposition alive to me

This is the ABCD thought process that a consumer thinks when they land on your page. Get this right, then you can put a big CTA in their path to direct them to the next step after you have engaged them sufficiently with your proposition and relevance. If any of these steps are missed in your messaging they will bounce away.

Focus on Landing Page Proposition and Relevance First

Consumers want to engage but they’ll make an internal decision to proceed with a sale or conversion based on your proposition and relevance to them, not the size of your CTA.

Call to Action optimisation and conversion friction reduction are the operational steps after you get the proposition right.



Focus on your consumer first. Show what you do and state how this is relevant to them. Show them how you do it and prove it. Then implement your conversion optimisation tactics like CTA placement and CTA messaging.

The consumer thought process is the starting point and this should be the focus of your landing page optimisation as this is the foundational, high-impact basic element to get right to succeed.