Digital Marketing & Analytics

Now That You’re Here..

Digital Basics works with really great brands to set the foundations for digital marketing excellence – we do this just by getting the basics right!

I set everything up in such a way to give you the tools and know-how to effectively drive sales and engagement while easily managing the performance yourself.

My approach is to look at your existing digital marketing efforts, media budget, analytics and channels etc. Then work with your team, your agency and other stakeholders to create the strategy and process to get the most out of what you’re already doing online.

You’ll also be able to work constructively with, or challenge your agency on all areas of digital marketing to get the best results.

16 Years Digital Marketing Experience


A little bit about my wonderful clients..

I’m very lucky to work with some really great clients. Mainly people and colleagues from the past, students I’ve trained in classroom or online as well as some incredible business minds who I’ve randomly struck up a conversation with.

It’s good to work with and for people you really like..

See for Yourself

Strange Fact..

Oddly, most of my clients fall within the first few letters of the alphabet – 67% begin with the letters A-D!

Knowing this, I’m keen to reconcile this abnormal distribution. With that in mind, I’m always looking to speak with companies beginning with any letter between E and Z!

Digital Marketing Training

Looking for Digital Training?

I also provide digital marketing training to staff and company leadership in conjunction with the Digital Marketing Institute.

Thus far, I’ve trained countless numbers of digital marketing professionals online and in-house around the world.

Digital Training Topics

  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Digital Sales for B2B and Inside Sales Teams
  • Social Selling using LinkedIn
  • eCommerce
  • Display & Video Advertising
  • Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

These are just some of the topics I teach. I generally work with companies to design bespoke 1-day or half-day workshops based on their specific needs. Then I’ll put together a plan detailing the most impactful digital learning items relative to these needs, their business and their industry.

I really love teaching and working with course attendees so they really get an understanding of digital and how it can improve individual, team or company performance.