Part 3 – Digital Japan

It took 2 hours to fly from shanghai to Fukuoka in southern Japan and like the difference between Hong Kong and Shanghai, the difference between Japan and China is immense. Japan is 8 hours ahead of the GMT timezone and light years ahead of everywhere in terms of infrastructure in and between cities. This is of course their transport networks, high speed trains, overlapping raised highways and futuresque cityscapes. However it isn’t the future as we think of it today, rather the future we would see in 1980s sci-fi films like Bladerunner. That said Japan is an incredible bastion of technology and digital transformation potential. Continue reading “Part 3 – Digital Japan”

Why Using the Term Millennial Makes you Bad at Your Job

Millennials is bad Marketing

A note to marketers born before before 1982

The term Millennial was coined in 1987 by William Strauss and Neil Howe and for anyone working in marketing, this cohort is not fit for purpose, so using it as part of your audience brief or segmentation strategy will make you bad at your job. One of the most powerful strategies in marketing is segmentation and the Millennial segment poses many problems. Continue reading “Why Using the Term Millennial Makes you Bad at Your Job”