What’s So Special about Digital Basics?

Digital Basics believes in the fundamental principle of applied digital best practices. In fact, 80% of business KPIs can be achieved by doing ‘the basics‘ correctly. That doesn’t mean that ‘the basics‘ are simple, more so that they are essential. Yet many organisations and practitioners don’t apply this thinking to their digital marketing efforts – this is where we can help.

Digital strategies don’t need to be complicated or costly. By applying our three-step commercial digital marketing optimisation framework to your business, we can help:

  • identify your most valuable customer clusters
  • draw insights from your cluster data
  • design and drive the ideal high-impact commercial optimisation strategy

How do We Do This?

Through campaign measurement and data interrogation (from Google Analytics etc.) we will match your existing digital media spend to your most valuable customer clusters. This focused approach increases media and resource efficiency. As a result, it also reduces waste in your existing media spend by driving the highest possible commercial returns for your business.

You Don’t Need to do Anything?

It won’t require development or anything new from your side. Our approach begins with looking at your business goals and what you’re currently doing online, so nothing new. Using our years of digital marketing experience, we will identify how and where you can pull back on inefficient or low-impact activity and how you can amplify your top performing efforts. More juice for the squeeze.

What do I Get if I Work with Digital Basics?

The output will be a data-led digital media strategy which we can manage on your behalf or work with your team or agency. We will develop a measurable business KPI-led, multi-channel strategy for of all your performance media channels, including PPC & SEO, social media, display & retargeting, email and affiliates etc.

In essence, we act like an independent third-party to verify results and direct digital marketing actions to your in-house team or digital agency, ensuring everything is working as it should. This way you’ll be able to confidently understand what you’re getting for your digital marketing investment.

Why is Forecasting Important?

Applying a measured approach to how you approach online marketing will help with forecasting and business planning as we aim to develop predictable commercial outcomes from your digital marketing activities. This focuses your digital marketing towards predictable outcomes so it is no longer a shot in the dark.

What Next?

Do a lot more for the same effort. Get in touch for a free consultation and top line digital strategy for your business/department.